About me

My name is Grace Moore, I’m a BSC Film and Television Production third year student at the University of York. This is my blog of video works including productions for external clients and set assignments. Most videos listed here are created in production groups, where each individual is credited for their specific role and efforts. However, all videos are my own works.

I film using the Canon XF100 and Go Pro cameras. I edit using Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 Software.

I have been passionately creating videos from the age of 10 and from then have thankfully had the opportunity to work on music videos, documentaries, dramas, large scale television programs and marketing videos. Including the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust Nationally televised ‘Bracode’ Campaign.

At GCSE level, I studied Maths, English, Latin, Science, Geography, RS, Spanish and Music, before sectoring into the filmmaking side of media where I have become interested in many production aspects from video management and organisation to sound post-production and editing. I am passionate about contributing videos that will educate and provoke the audience to think about what they are viewing. I have many hobbies from blogging, writing and editing stories, creative planning and scrapbooking, analysing film and tv shows to reading books and creating music. In the future I hope to improve on my own creative style and flare to portray information in a new and exciting way.