Stolen Dance Music Video

Unit 1 – Pre-Production Techniques for the Media Industries, Unit 16 – Film and Video Editing Techniques, Unit 21 – Understanding Video Recording Technology, Unit 29 – Music Video Production

This was our first graded college assignment. The brief was to produce a 4-5 min modern music promo, including pre-production paperwork with appropriate planning and safety considerations, to evidence our understanding of genre specific codes and conventions. We decided to make a music video for ‘Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance – from the indie pop/folktronica genres.

In a group of two, I became the director for the project and we decided to split the producing/editing roles between us equally. I was in charge of the creative and artistic vision of the production, including careful selection of locations/characters showed through our production paperwork. In the post production stage I was in charge of cutting the footage together to look aesthetically pleasing and to fit in with the music. Filmed using a Canon 70D DSLR with a steadycam, to tell the narrative, and edited using Final Cut Pro X software.

We achieved a Distinction for this task.

Analysis of work:

  • We successfully created the music video using a steadycam to produce the intended stylistic images, due to the amount of practise and planning we put into the project.
  • The video is visually interesting with the changes of scenery in winter, (from day -> night), and is driven forwards by the actors footsteps coinciding with the beats of the music. It portrays the clear story of the protagonist’s aimless wandering through the city from a broken heart – shown through the bleak colours, and him being followed, shown through POV shots, which isn’t revealed to be his ex-partner until the very end. I love the end shot which zooms out from the two characters staring at each other with a lamppost in between them to show their separation and leaving the video open ended. It also conveys the sub-story of two new characters who repeatedly appear throughout the day, firstly they bump into each other, secondly they look through a shop window together and thirdly they walk past the protagonist holding hands. This shows the breakup of an old relationship and the beginning of a new one. However at times it is hard to see these sub-characters and we would have benefitted by placing them closer in the frame or making them stand out more through post production techniques.
  • I love the use of natural lens flares and lighting that was used throughout the production to illuminate the characters and give it a realistic feel.
  • I think the production would benefit from reshooting the soft shots and last few scenes which have a higher ISO, but also more research into further stabalisation of the footage to make the film less grainy and more smooth to watch.