This is a 5 minute promotional video that me and a couple of colleagues offered to help with as part of our work experience. We worked as runners/camera operators with Honest Ideas (a Cambridge advertising and marketing agency), to produce a nationally televised campaign, called “Bracode,” on breast cancer awareness for the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

Throughout the day we helped with setting up all the filming equipment, (including lighting and cameras), filming footage and b-roll footage, moving equipment around for different shots and helping the director with his tasks. It was a great experience that allowed me to work with professionals in the industry, including many actresses such as Patricia Hodge. I also got to see how a professional filming company works for the first time and I learnt many things about teamwork, commitment, production planning and techniques from the Director who was giving us advice and tips throughout the 12 hour working day.

You can see my credit for Camera Operator at 4:25 minutes.