This is a short 4 minute experimental video produced by myself as part of a college assignment using the theme of ‘skin’ to drive the idea. It follows a looping narrative of a skin cancer patient going in and out of operations and explores the fight for human survival in comparison to the fragility of life. It is an artistic visual and audio depiction of the cycle of life shown through a fight for survival.

The video is split into 3 cinematic sections: 1 – first operation showing the patient drifting in and out of consciousness, 2 – the peaceful rehabilitation of the patient, 3 – second operation shown as a reversal of the first. The video can be viewed from any section onwards to convey the same meaning of fear from the operation into the relaxation of everyday life and rehabilitation.

Filmed using Canon XF100 camcorder, a Tascam audio recorder and Rhode shotgun microphone, edited using Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 software.


Analysis of work:

  • I’m very happy with how this turned out, the use of cinematic overlapping fading visuals and range of built up audio tracks creates the perfect hospital atmosphere I had envisaged in my head. I also love the fade in and out between the ambience for the two different locations, as it is both subtle and thought provoking.
  • The flash flare created through Motion 5 was the most difficult part of the project and even though it is possibly the most unrealistic part of the production, I think that the end result is successful and primarily conveys the hidden message through a visually pleasing and captivating video.