ARC Automotive – Draft

ARC Automotive is a short 3 minute work experience marketing video that I offered to produce for Aptovis, a Cambridge based heat recovery research and development company. This is a first draft for the video that will be placed on the Aptovis website: The short video is both a descriptive, interesting and easily-understandable marketing tool for the company and its new ARC 500 product. I worked closely with the client to research, plan, discuss ideas, review and produce the video on my own.

The video is split into three sections: 1. a car sequence with an informative voiceover,  2. an animation section explaining how the product works, 3. a presentation segment with the CEO showing an example of the product.

Filmed using Canon XF100 camcorder, a Tascam audio recorder and Rhode shotgun microphone, a dolly, editing using Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 software.

Analysis of work:

  • This is only the first draft of the project as the audio still needs tweaking in places and the video is being sent off for a professional voiceover to replace the original one. There is also a couple of motion tracking text sections that I would like to add to the video to add extra emphasis to the voiceover and visual appeal.
  • However, I am very pleased with the draft and I think that the narrative clearly shows many different aspects of the Aptovis product in an exciting and interesting way.