The Democracy

The Democracy is a short 3 minute video produced by myself and my colleagues to convey what democracy means to young people today, which we created to enter into a competition. The video tells to different stories: 1 – the young boy is deciding weather or not to buy the shoes through a debate in his head, leading to ego forcing the ultimate answer. 2 – the young adult is now deciding weather or not to go to university through a democratic debate in his head, leading to a resolved agreement. I worked as one of the editors for the project to cut together the narrative in an exciting and visually pleasing way. The video was filmed using college Canon camcorders, a Panasonic Lumix CH4 and final Cut Pro X software.

This video was filmed as part of RED CHAIR (The college’s external company run by film students for clients), and does not count towards any college assignment.

Analysis of work:

  • This project still needs tweaking in some audio aspects to sort out the volume of the music compared to dialogue. I also think the debate sections would benefit from a quick freeze frame and title (or motion tracking title) of each character speaking to explain which emotion they are portraying in his head, and making the narrative easier to understand.
  • However, the visuals inside the characters head are filmed really well and help to add interest and a smoothness to the viewing of the video.

I do intend to create another version of this production, using this analysis to create a narrative that is more enjoyable to view and easier to understand.