Still Here – First Draft

Unit 22 – Single camera Techniques, Unit 37 – Presentation Techniques for Media Production

The brief for this college graded assignment was to devise, plan, produce and edit a 10 minute single camera drama production with appropriate pre-production paperwork planning and safety considerations. We were required to originate an idea, write a script, undertake research into the chosen subject matter and produce a single camera drama to match our pre-production paperwork precisely. We decided to make a drama on a depressed teen who commits suicide and focuses on his ghostly wanderings around the town as he sees how his actions have affected others in a horrible way, eventually making him regret the decision.

In a group of three, I became the director and producer for this project. I focused on the artistic vision of the production, including the emphasis on sight, sound and feel of the shots. With thoughtful selection of locations/actors and careful research into the subject, I overlooked all the stages from pre-production -> production -> post-production. Filmed using a Canon 600D DSLR, Tascam audio recorder and Sony Vegas editing software.

We achieved a Distinction for this task.

Analysis of work:

  • I’m really pleased with the clear narrative of the production that structurally tells the intended story and adds a meaning to every scene to convey interest, emotion and feeling.  The tone of the video is appropriate to the subject matter and is focuses on through the use of spooky sound effects, dialogue, dark music and  desaturated images.
  • The video is visually interesting with changes in scenery and shots that help to tell the story, including a range of visual effects and successful post-production cloning/layering techniques to convey the protagonist in a ghost form. My favourite shot is when the protagonist walks through the door and the camera goes from a POV shot at the front door -> zoom into black screen -> POV shot from inside the house. The effects worked really well with the acting and added more of a realistic feel to the production.
  • However, there is an issue with the sound for the production as halfway through the audio changes from the Tascam recorded sound to the cameras recorded sound, (which is a lot more echoey). The project would have benefitted from the complete usage of the Tascam recorded audio to create a crisper sound. The final music selection is also not the best choice for the scene in which the protagonist is walking into the afterlife.
  • The visual quality of the production is of a very low resolution and the colouring isn’t balanced throughout, meaning that some scenes are toned slightly differently to the rest. Furthermore some scenes are slightly over exposed and some are slightly under exposed, which could be fixed through post-production methods.

We do intend to create another final version of this production using our own feedback to improve our efforts.