Rowan Promotional Video

This is a short promotional video that myself and a few colleagues produced for Rowan Humberstone, a Cambridge based  arts and craft centre for learning-disabled people, as we offered to film a fun marketing video for their website in order to gain work experience. We worked with the client to research and plan for the video, creating pre-production paperwork for easy explanation, and together we filmed and edited the footage amongst ourselves. We went to various events at Rowan and planned out our filming days to collect the best/most exciting footage for the video. Filmed using college Canon camcorders, a shotgun microphone and edited with Final Cut Pro X software.

This video was filmed as part of RED CHAIR (The college’s external company run by film students for clients), and does not count towards any college assignment.

The video can be found at Rowan’s website at:

Analysis of work:

  • This project was particularly difficult to work on, however, it did teach me some core skills in working with clients and we successfully managed to portray the clients vision through this video. The upbeat music, changes in scenery and informative voiceover helped to explain Rowan’s cause in a fun and upbeat manner.
  • I think the project would have benefitted from a tighter voiceover with quick and informative sentences to draw people’s attention, however, this is the voiceover that the client wanted and it did easily portray the necessary information.
  • The visuals on this video are of a fairly low resolution and the colouring isn’t balanced throughout as each scene is toned to a slightly different colour.
  • I think the production would have benefitted from a slightly less echoey audio, as some of the interviews are a little difficult to hear. This could be improved by placing the shotgun microphone closer to the interviewees and using post-production software to fix the soundtrack.