Editing Pioneers Project

Unit 16 – Film and Video Editing Techniques

In this graded college assignment we were tasked, in a group of two, to construct a 6-8 min video project that evidenced our understanding of the history of editing through addresses to the camera, voiceovers, titles, diagrams and images. The video had to include comment on the historical development of editing, different editing principles and continuity editing techniques.

In a group of two we researched into the subject and carefully selected information to re-write into a script for the video. We then used video websites to look through different clips that related to our commentary and collected them together on the timeline to create the visuals, (text titles are used to credit each video clip that is used). For this video we recorded audio using a shotgun microphone and edited using Final Cut Pro X software.

We received a Distinction for this task.

Analysis of work:

  • We have commented comprehensively and informatively on the development and principles of editing to construct a well thought out video essay.
  • However, the audio recordings are a little fuzzy and could be improved by being recorded in a quieter room or edited in post production to banish the background noise.