Death of American Beauty

Unit 16 – Film and Video Editing Techniques, Unit 21 – Understanding Video Recording Technology

This was our second college ‘practice’ video. The brief was to produce a short 60 second trailer from 40 mins of footage and to create a new narrative by changing the genre, theme and style.  I was tasked with changing ‘American Beauty’ from a drama to a horror, by using certain codes and conventions from the genre. I changed the written, symbolic and technical codes by selecting certain sections from the footage, colour grading, re-arranging and cutting the shots to create a short psychological thriller trailer.  Edited using Final Cut Pro X software.

If this task had been formally assessed I would have achieved a Distinction grade.

         Analysis of work:

  • I successfully changed the genre of the footage and created a new narrative in a horror style
  • I could have made it a little more clear to the viewer who the villain is as I included a lot of footage of shady figures: the neighbour, the father and the young girl.
  • I might have densely packed in a few too many shots near the end, however, they cut well to the beats of the music.


Editor, My Showreel